Top 5 Dishes In Asia

Asia is the largest continent on earth. More than half of the world’s population lives there, that’s a lot of stomachs to fill! So it’s not a surprise that they have such vast variety when it comes to food. They really have food for all tastes! Asia is the home to so many different cultures and influences that its cuisine is rich in flavors, colors and textures. Even tracing the origins of the dishes is a complicated task since many countries are proud to call these delicious dishes as their own.

In Asia, you don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to try mouthwatering dishes. That’s part of its charm, the best flavors come from the humblest of places. This is a continent that has seen many hardships in their history and their exotic flavors are prove of that. This is the kind of food that you crave on a Sunday at home, siting on your freshly cleaned carpet by Franklin Carpet Cleaning. So if you are feeling hungry, here we are giving you our top 5 dishes from Asia:

Top 5

• Sushi: maybe the most popular Asian dish all over the world. It started as a higher-class meal or delicacy, but it has develop to an accessible food that you can find just about anywhere. Sushi is more than raw fish and rolled rice, in fact you can find all kind of ingredients on your favorite sushi roll.
• Spring rolls: this is another world wide favorite, even when most people associate them with China, the truth is that Vietnamese Spring Rolls are consider the best ones. This fried pastries contain all kind of ingredients from raw meat to vegetables.
• Fish balls: when you think of American street food, you will probably picture a hot dog; for Asians fish balls are the perfect street food.
• Fried rice: this dish was meant to be the solution for left over rice, just fried it, mix it with some veggies and you are ready to serve. Now you can go to any Asian food restaurant around the world and be sure to expect a delicious and steamy plate of fried rice.
• Chicken curry: Asia is well know from its wide variety of spices, for curry alone, there are all kind of colors and tastes that vary from country to country. Almost every Asian country has a version of this dish, it doesn’t even have to be chicken, although it is the most popular.